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At Bistech, we have always approached business and technology differently. Where others see the ordinary, we see opportunity. Where others see data, we see information. This information can be used to drive business outcomes and we do this by empowering our customers to make better, faster decisions and unlock previously unrealised potential.

Name: Luke Imms Name: Zhanna Harbachova        Name: Yiannis Georgaros
Role: Senior Consultant Role: Senior Consultant Role: Analytics Services Manager
Luke's varied role at Bistech involves scoping,
designing, developing and deploying Financial
Performance Management solutions
Zhanna is focused on helping people work out
what they need and creating a solution that
gives them back more time in their day
Yiannis has an IT degree - but he has an
Accounting degree as well, and began
his career as an Accountant with B&D Doors


Bistech’s FPM solution uses IBM’s Planning Analytics to let you link financial plans to operational tactics to better synthesise information and infer trends. The dynamic planning and analytics workspace enables driver-based planning and rolling forecasts, and helps organisations to break free of the constraints of Excel and previous generation planning processes. Finance and non-Finance users gain visibility into plans, budgets and forecasts, and can undertake rapid what-if scenario modelling and profitability analysis. Our solution goes beyond basic automation to drive collaboration and improve decision making throughout the organisation. Implemented by Finance Experts – you will work with our very own CPA’s with a range of benefits as listed below.  


  • Speed—Start quickly and grow your deployment wherever needed, automating plans, analysis and reports to drive efficiency. 
  • Agility —Adapt plans, budgets and forecasts to changing business conditions. Then align financial plans with corporate objectives, linked to operational tactics and market events. 
  • Foresight—Explore and visualize insight from internal and external data, understand what is driving your business, and then incorporate those insights into plans that anticipate the future with confidence.

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