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Coronado consolidated and standardised its back-office financials to a common platform supported by IBM software.

From crisis point to future proof

Read our state-of-play report into finance function modernisation in leading Australian brands. This report delves into how these brands modernised their finance function – just like you can too.

How to avoid derailing your financial modernisation project: Four must-read tips

The era of the spreadsheet is over. Accessing accurate data in a flash is becoming increasingly important to organisations who wish to remain competitive.

Get the ball rolling: How to modernise your finance function

In this age of digital workplaces and hunger for data to drive planning, the classic finance function is under pressure. Unless it embraces technology, it can’t be a true partner to the business it supports.

From number cruncher to strategic partner: How the role of CFO is changing

CFOs have traditionally filled the role of conduit between an organisation’s business divisions and its financial and strategic goals. But the advent of digital technology means that the role is changing. CFOs need to be more strategic and agile – and they need the right technology to do that.

The tipping point – why these 3 organisations transitioned to a modern finance department

In this article, we’ll explore three real-life stories of organisations who were where you are today. They were at the tipping point – things were taking too long, the company had grown too fast and mistakes were happening.

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