Meet the Bistech FPM team – Yiannis

Meet the Bistech FPM team – Yiannis

Name: Yiannis Georgaros

Role: Analytics Services Manager

Think if you start working with us, you’ll be dealing with tech heads who’ll blind you with science? Think again! Our Headstart financial performance management solution is rolled out by accountants and finance professionals who understand the needs of the people who’ll be using it. In this series of profiles we introduce you to the various team members you might be dealing with. Today it’s the turn of our Analytics Services Manager, Yiannis Georgaros.

Yiannis’ role at Bistech

Yiannis has been employed at Bistech for eight years but brings nearly 15 years of experience to the role. “My role was created when Bistech grew and started running many more projects simultaneously,” he says. “It evolved to help manage customer expectations and projects and the consulting teams themselves.”

A typical day for Yiannis involves working with the internal team and clients on project reviews, new opportunity assessments and reviewing licencing and training requirements, among other things. “It’s quite wide and varied,” he says. “It’s primarily a support role. I have a helicopter view across all projects.” However, he points out that at Bistech, no-one works in silos. “We have a small business mentality, we’re not pigeonholed. You can get involved in as many aspects of the organisation as you like. Lots of things are always happening, and that keeps the work interesting.”

Yiannis’ road to Bistech

Yiannis has an IT degree – but he has an Accounting degree as well, and began his career as an accountant with B&D Doors. “Over time I started focusing more on consolidation and forecasting,” he says. “This developed my commercial interests and I became involved in developing financial models for our acquired businesses.” This led to Yiannis moving to a consulting company and he stayed in the consultancy space ever since.

But it was taking a year off work and after his first child was born that led to his current role with Bistech. “I played a lot of golf that year,” he says, “but I also came across Bistech at a time when they were looking to grow their team. I was in luck!”

Through the breadth of his experience Yiannis has seen what works best in different organisations and why, and is able to bring this knowledge to Bistech clients. “The type of consulting we offer is personalised. The problems are similar across companies but how they are expressed varies greatly.”

The best things about working at Bistech

What Yiannis likes best about working at Bistech is its family-type culture. “There’s mateship with the team and directors,” he says. “Everyone is very supportive, and people go out of their way to assist you, and to share their knowledge and expertise.”

He enjoys solving problems for customers, and the variety and flexibility his job offers. “The Bistech team are great people to have a coffee with of a morning and see each other outside work,” he says. “We’re all of the same mindset – we love helping our customers do what they do, just better!”

Life outside Bistech

When he’s not at work, Yiannis’ life revolves around his young family. He has four children, aged 8, 6, 3 and 1. “It’s all about the kids,” he says. “They keep me busy.” He spends lots of time playing in the backyard with his kids and cooking great food on the BBQ. “I haven’t hit the golf course again,” he says. “I don’t have enough time, and (surprisingly!) it’s no longer that high on the agenda.”