From crisis point to future-proof:

How some of Australia’s leading blue-chip
brands transformed their financial performance management function

There may be no position under more pressure right now in Australian organisations than the Chief Financial Officer.

The CFO is in a key position to shepherd change and jettison their organisations into the future. But without adequate financial performance management tools, systems and partnerships in place, this task is either too daunting or seemingly impossible.

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  • Gain insights into finance modernisation within leading Australian brands
  • Find out how how these brands found themselves at the tipping point – the point at which they realised they had no choice but to drastically modernise their financial performance management function, or they’d be risking severe adverse effects to their organisations.
  • Hear how they got started and what the process was
  • Learn tips and tricks on what to do first, and how to get going
  • Find out the real business benefits to undergoing finance modernisation and what it could do for your organisation

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